Our Promise
GPS promises to provide the destination for a thriving community of learners that fosters academic excellence, respect, responsibility, individuality and empathy through interculturalism and shared core values, that can adapt to meet the needs of the ever-changing world.

Our Approaches to Learning

GPS aims to provide our students with the steppingstones to learning.
Learning is student-centred and inquiry-led. Teachers facilitate learning and lead students into experience and present them with ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what if….’ Questions which may have more than one answer or inquiry pathway.

We want our students to grow and develop in a safe and stimulating environment, where they are listened to and supported, whatever their needs and abilities. We want our students to embrace challenge, to understand what they ‘can do,’ to know clearly what their next steps are to reach their objectives.

We want to motivate them and for them to persevere when facing difficulties. We teach that mistakes are opportunities to learn better. We spend time ensuring that misconceptions are revealed and gaps in understanding closed. We encourage our students to assess their own learning and the learning of others collaboratively. We develop questioning, encouraging students to probe deeper, checking their understanding and opening up new pathways for inquiry. We want our students to be confident about sharing their learning, being creative in the use language and communication to explain, to persuade and take pride in their efforts. We believe that it is our role as teachers to design and reveal learning opportunities, to promote and celebrate discovery, to foster a love of learning that endures throughout life

Digital learning and innovation are important tools that support teaching and learning and also enable to support students’ learning at home. This allows us to ensure learning is creative through using age-appropriate apps and games. It also allows parents to see first-hand how our teachers interact with their children and also communicate with parents, so that ‘home-learning’ is always a task to be enjoyed and not a chore.

Throughout the learning journey at GPS, parents will feel confident that their children will not only learn to achieve their own personalised, age-appropriate outcome objectives, following a curriculum that is both broad and deep, but that our teachers will track their performance closely against international benchmarks approved by the KHDA, identifying gaps and designing interventions to close them.
Our students learn to voice their own understanding and perspectives with growing confidence and certainty developing character as well as personality. We focus on physical, moral and personal, social and emotional development. Our holistic approach prepares our students for each day of inquiry and reflection and help them embrace the learning opportunities and challenges they will meet on their learning journey.

Ghaf Primary School - Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces

The architecture of GPS lends itself to being light, spacious, open, and stimulating. At its centre a spacious indoor gym and multi-purpose space, a small theatre/presentation space, IT suite and Library/Resources Centre. Flexible classrooms, including those dedicated to STREAM and music. Our Inclusion (SEND) Unit has a sensory room and allows 1:1 and/or small group support for those with identified needs. Classrooms have access to outside learning areas and play equipment and garden.

Our Values

At GPS, our values underpin our Code of Behaviour. These values (CP3) are recognised as interconnected and integrated into the curriculum. They are reinforced in the daily life of the school through the care and example displayed by our teachers and support staff. Through a strong partnership with families we are able to embed these values not only academically, but in the child’s personal development.

Ghaf Primary School - Learning Spaces


We believe that parent/guardian involvement in the education journey leads to both better student wellbeing and progress.  Therefore our communication with you includes:

  • Parent-teacher meetings
  • Information sessions
  • Regular communication through the school app, weekly newsletter and social media posts.
  • School events
  • Parent Association
  • Parent representation on the Governors Board