Admissions Policy/Procedures

GPS welcomes all children with different academic backgrounds and abilities. Our aim is to ensure the learning needs of all children are met in a safe, secure, happy and supportive environment.

GPS is a co-educational, British and international curriculum school for children from the aged 3 upwards . We follow the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, leading to the National Curriculum of England Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. adapted for an international setting using the IPC units of Inquiry. This allows us the freedom to inspire all students with creative topics, whilst being able to track progress and celebrate success.

The academic year runs from August to July, but children may be admitted to GPS during the course of the academic year, should a place become available and subject to KHDA regulations. We welcome children of all nationalities, faiths and backgrounds who, we believe, will benefit from our holistic academic and co-curricular programme. We celebrate the diversity of Dubai and are committed to the international vision of the UAE and the UAE National Agenda goals.

Admissions Requirement by KHDA

Here are updated requirements and guidelines for Admissions and transfers.

Latest Guidelines for Admissions and Transfers in English

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Admission Considerations

Before GPS offers a place to a child, we aim to ensure that the child will be able to access the curriculum within our inclusive support provision. However, there may be some cases where an individual has learning needs that are so great, they cannot be met with our inclusive provision and we would recommend specialist facilities should be sought instead with the best interests of the child being of paramount importance. At all times, we are guided by the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework (2017) and the Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education (2019).

We aim to create a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment, where all children are challenged and are encouraged to meet and exceed expectations. We are looking for children who will engage and participate in the learning opportunities we provide and have the ability, motivation and parental support to enable the child to thrive and make good progress in their own personal learning journey.

All admissions are subject to an initial assessment in the school setting and potentially an informal interview. Our Principal and Admissions team may ask to meet with parents, prior to, or following assessment, to learn more about a child’s potential, previous education, experiences and ability.

Transfer Certificates

Students are required to present a Transfer Certificate (TC) from their previous school from Year 1 onwards. This is a UAE regulation and there are penalties if a school accepts a student without a valid TC.

Registration Requirements

School reports of the last three years prior to admission and the contact details of the former school must be submitted to the Registrar. Parents will then be contacted to make an appointment for an admissions assessment. Paying the assessment and admission fees does not constitute enrollment. Only upon invitation and approval of the Admissions Team is a student fully enrolled for participation.

Entry Age Requirements:

Age of students as on August 31st, 2021
for the Academic Year 2021 - 2022
PhaseYear LevelMinimum Age
(for entry)
Minimum Age
(as a cut-off for this grade)
Key Stage 1Year 156
Year 268
Key Stage 2Year 3Based on the Transfer Certificate9
Year 410
Year 511
Year 612
Key Stage 3Year 713
Year 814
Year 915
Key Stage 4Year 1017
Year 1118
Key Stage 5Year 1219
Year 1320

Withdrawal Procedures

Parents need to notify the Principal, Admissions Office and the class teacher as far in advance as possible of the expected withdrawal date. This provides the school adequate time to prepare student records for exit and a team of professionals to support student and family transition process - a significant event for families living internationally. Parents will need to complete a withdrawal form at the Registrar’s Office. This will begin the clearing process and final paperwork.

A two-week notification is necessary before any holiday and especially at the end of the year. Parents should avoid removing their child from school for vacations are family celebrations in term time, or to elongate a published holiday period before or after. This can disrupt, not only learning continuity for the child, but the class dynamic. Special leave needs to be granted. Prolonged absence may compromise your child’s promotion to the next class under MOE and KHDA regulations.

The School Admissions Office coordinates the gathering of appropriate records and ensures that the Principal, class teachers, librarian, accounts and Inclusion Leader have cleared the student’s withdrawal.

Parents will be notified in the case of outstanding books, fees and/or fines. Records are not released by the school until all items have been cleared. Parents who wish to hand carry their student’s records to the next school may do so. If they are unable to collect the records prior to their departure, they should leave their forwarding address and a self-addressed, stamped envelope at the earliest possible date with the Admissions Office. Again, remember that records cannot be released until all outstanding fees are paid and books are returned.