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About Ghaf School

At Ghaf Private School, we offer a harmonized British curriculum to provide an international standard of learning. The pupils of Ghaf Private School and their parents are like family, which is to consistently encourage warmth, and mutual respect and celebrate success at every opportunity. We cater to children from 3 to 7 years, making sure they are well-nurtured and prepared for higher education, and instilling values such as ethics and integrity.

Why Ghaf School?

Choosing Al Ghaf Private School is choosing a school that offers a lot more than education. It is a place of fun and excitement, a place where every child would want to be. We believe in nurturing and grooming every child while delivering academic excellence, and emotional and social confidence in many ways, such as:
Encouraging them to be independent and self-sufficient
Helping them to develop strong communication skills
Teaching them about teamwork and cooperation
Encouraging them to be creative and innovative
Helping them to develop strong problem-solving skills
Encouraging them to be responsible and accountable for their actions
Teaching basic leadership skills, and instilling values such as ethics and integrity

What Makes Us Special

Fun and exciting curricular activities
Highly Qualified Teachers
Community-based school where every child is important
KHDA Director

The Director-General of the KHDA, Dr. Abdulla Al Karam sends a personal message to the Ghaf Private School community.

The year 2020 was tough, but all Teachers, Students, Parents, Staff made it possible for GPS to grow strong.

British Schools in the Middle East

Ghaf School is a proud member of British Schools in the Middle East



To nurture and develop every GPS child in all totality to become a useful, enlightened, and disciplined member of society, thereby raising innovative leaders of tomorrow with the required knowledge and moral training.



To become a world-class school that breeds innovative leaders of tomorrow that are equipped with the required knowledge and skills. To also be a thriving and vibrant international learning community for early education, that consistently deploys the best teaching and learning resources.

Our Campus