• 2024-25 Admissions Open*

    * Limited spaces available for FS1 to Year 6.
About Ghaf School

The name of our school is derived from the ‘Ghaf Tree’ (Prosopis cineraria) which has been declared the national tree of the UAE. This tree is a drought-tolerant, evergreen tree, native to the desert and known for its resilience. It was nominated by as nature’s symbol of tolerance for the UAE’s Year of Tolerance in 2019. The qualities of resilience and tolerance are two of the moral values that we encourage our students to develop throughout their learning journey at Ghaf Private School.

A unique selling point at GPS is that ’21st Century Life Skills’ are at the heart of the curriculum What this means is that we take a personalised and holistic approach to develop every child. 

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Why Ghaf School?

GPS is a ‘big house with a big family’. Our unique small size allows everyone to really get to know each other and offers us the chance to tailor the education journey for all our students.
We believe that success is as individual as the child
We believe that we are all responsible for this success to happen
Qualified, caring and experienced native English speaking class teachers
Substantial sibling discount: 10% for the second and 15% for the third

GPS – The route to discovery


GPS promises to provide the destination for a thriving community of learners that fosters academic excellence, respect, responsibility, individuality and empathy through interculturalism and shared core values, that can adapt to meet the needs of the ever-changing world.


GPS provides a variety of routes to success in life regardless of your starting point for students and staff and its surrounding community in a manner that is inclusive, honourable and proud.

GPS- At a Glance
My son absolutely loves going to school every day. The teachers are caring, attentive and all lessons are planned and executed with such passion and love.

My son started the year a little unsociable and now nearing the end of FS1 is reading and writing and focuses on tasks very well. He is kind, sharing well, and such a happy boy, thanks to Mrs Chloe and the GPS team. Highly recommend the school for the personal, creative, ‘village’ feel approach.

~Mrs Victoria Malden
Mən GPS məktəbini çox sevirəm, çünki GPS mənim qızım üçün bir məktəbdən daha artığıdır. O məktəbə xoşbəxt şəkildə gedir və gülümsəyərək geri dönür.

I love GPS, as GPS is more than just a school for my daughter. She goes to the school happily and return home smiling.

~Zahid Farhadov ( Family of Melis in Year 2)
We’ve been really impressed with Al Ghaf School!
My daughter has been there for 2 years, and we've noticed fantastic developments.
The teachers are not just professional but also truly caring and creative in their approach.
The activities are diverse, the communication from the school has been top-notch—always keeping us updated and involved in our child’s education.
Moreover, my youngest daughter will be joining the school next academic year!
~Mikita Kodzis (Father of Yeva Kodzis Year 1)