we learn, grow, 
care and achieve

To provide the world of tomorrow with valuable, compassionate citizens, who not only make an effective contribution to the society they live in but also become powerful leaders, visionaries with wisdom, and potential to be centres of influence and agents for global and social change.

School is Now Open


Proper Uniform is mandatory for all students


Why Ghaf School?

We are reopening full time. Our student's safety and well-being is our top priority as always, specially to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. 
See our Health, Safety & Security guideline.
Full time for ALL our students Everyday, All Day
Native English Speaking Teachers
Substantial Sibling Discount: 10% for the second and 15% for the third
15% discount as founder fees, remaining with students as long as they study in the school


We pay special attention to the health of all students.

Food & Safety Department 
(Government of Dubai / Dubai Municipality) 
Evaluated Ghaf School as Perfectly Safe

This statement is already evolving….It is our mission to provide:

  • An embedded ethos of compassion through respect for others and for oneself.
  • An enriched curriculum with skills for life that transcend culture and gives access to all.
  • An internationally-minded learning community that celebrates diversity and personal achievement
  • A safe, friendly positive environment where wellbeing is at the heart of what we do.
  • A flexible 21st-century learning space that accommodates ‘bricks and clicks’ Integrated approaches to learning
  • Opportunities for students to become effective, enthusiastic, independent and collaborative life-long learners

We want to our students to develop:

  • ‘from root to stem, from flower to fruit’, fulfilling their potential
  • A growth mindset that is resilient, adaptable, independent and purposeful
  • A global mindset that appreciates diversity and abhors discrimination
  • As ‘digital natives’, capable of navigating safely through an inter-connected world
  • Commitment to moral and ethical values and responsibilities
  • Attributes of leadership and service to the community – ‘to make a positive difference in the world’
About Ghaf Primary School

The name of our school is derived from the ‘Ghaf Tree’ (Prosopis cineraria) which has been declared the national tree of the UAE. This tree is a drought-tolerant, evergreen tree, native to the desert and known for its resilience. It was nominated by as nature’s symbol of tolerance for the UAE’s Year of Tolerance in 2019. The qualities of resilience and tolerance are two of the moral values that we encourage our students to develop throughout their learning journey at GPS.

A unique selling point at GPS is that ’21st Century Life Skills’ are at the heart of the curriculum What this means is that we take a personalised and holistic approach to develop every child. The table below will provide you with initial guidance and we will be to expand upon these during your tour and as part of Parents Information at induction.

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