GPS recognises and accepts that all of our employees, students and visitors are entitled to a safe and healthy environment in which to work, learn and observe. With this in mind the Board of Governors, leadership and staff take all reasonable steps to meet statutory requirements, use recognised codes of practice and guidance notes to establish a safe and healthy environment.

Decisions affecting GPS will be in consideration of all health and safety issues and, where necessary, in consultation with the MOE, KHDA, DHA, Civil Defense and Dubai Municipality follow their directives and guidelines. The Health and Safety Policy and procedures can be found in Section 4 of the School's Policy Manual.

Student's Safety & Security 
is Our Top Priority

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School Security and ID Badges

GPS guidelines for safety and security are detailed in security documents and procedures that are used by all school staff to ensure well-managed, orderly and timely responses to emergencies. Our staff and students are taught emergency procedures for building evacuation and relocation to a safe area of the school campus or Muntazah complex. Drills are practiced so the whole school community understands the appropriate escape routes and responses in emergency scenarios such as a fire or lockdown.

It is essential that all parents and visitors wear school ID badges indicating that they have registered with school security.

All staff are required to wear their named photo ID badges at all times while on the school premises, identifying them as authorised school personnel. While on school property, we encourage all parents to report any suspicious behaviour or suspicious items to security at any of the gates or doors. Visitors will be given red lanyards. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately.
Any visitors (including parents, non-GPS students, previous GPS students) must check in with the Welcome Desk at Reception. Visitors are especially welcome to attend International Days, Sports Days, Year Group Assemblies and other such events. Visitors are not allowed to attend classes under any circumstances.

In time, GPS students will be issued with a photo ID. This student ID will be used for registration and accessing the school bus and for safety and security on field trips.

Driver & Nanny School ID Cards are essential

If your driver or nanny drops off and/or picks up your child/children from school, they must have their own school ID card.

You must fill in the form, sign it and attach a valid copy of:

  • your driver’s/nanny’s passport
  • your driver’s/nanny’s UAE resident visa
  • your driver’s/nanny’s Emirates ID Card

Submit all documents to Reception and a school ID card will be prepared for them. Failure to present a valid school ID card could mean that security might refuse you entry or to release the student without further inquiries.

Failure to pick up a child at the correct time might incur additional child care costs.